Monday, August 16, 2010

Circle the Wagons

"You don't work well when you don't have a specific goal or purpose you're working toward," says my boyfriend today. And he's absolutely right! If I don't have a specific goal that I'm trying to achieve, then I feel like I'm floundering. I have felt like I'm floundering for a little while now.

What to do next has been the question rumbling around in my brain for weeks. I've finished my book. I've sent it to almost 275 agents... What the hell do I do with myself now?

Write more. But what? A second book? Wow! What an undertaking!

I got a freelance gig that is frustrating because I'm making very little money writing articles on random stuff like fishing in Alaska or boar hunting in Europe or laser hair removal. None of which I care about. Not to mention the fact that I'm not as good at journalistic writing as I am novel writing. But whatever. All of this is the whining I feel like I've been doing while I'm floundering.

So today I took some steps in a great direction. First, I found an online class about how to write women focused articles for magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire. OMG! How interesting is that?! Plus, this course will help me get better at journalism style writing, which is a HUGE need of mine! And this course says, I'll come out of it with a portfolio of work I can send out to magazines and other potential employers. I surely hope so because I'm ready to make some money writing!

Secondly, I emailed this really cool friend of mine who is also a writer to see if she had any suggestions. She's an ad copywriter, so not exactly the same thing, but it's writing... Whatever it takes, right? Well, this friend of mine gave me a couple of really great suggestions including searching for a creative recruiter. This is something I hadn't thought about before. She also gave me some helpful websites where I can find writing gigs. Many, many thanks for the tips! This is a new direction for me to run in!

Thirdly, I started for real planning for my second book. It's time to get started! Let's just plunge in and do it! It's now or never. I want to be a murder mystery novelist, and there's nothing stopping me from accomplishing this!

"I am back. I am back. I'm getting my writing career back!" Okay, it's a bit of a stretch and exemplifies my extreme enthusiasm for the movie The Hangover. But whatever. I feel better. Less like I'm floudering. So here I go. Running in new, writing-filled directions. Woo hoo!

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  1. Meg...I'm loving the plan and perspective. You're right...there is nothing stopping you from accomplishing this. Thiking of you!